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Music Film Studios Music Videos

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By using DMDS and the exact specifications that the major music networks need, we can submit your music video anywhere.  Or launch it on YouTube, Vevo and Vimeo.

Concert footage can be key to booking better shows across the country.  Get on board with a better tour by showing them your new live video.

Music Videos for artists and bands

We can help storyboard the entire video, design the scenes, direct the action and film what you have in your head.  Then we edit the footage to create the music video you deserve.

Deliver to MTV, CMT, VH1 

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Imagine your new music video premier.  Make it happen!

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International recording artist, Onyansapow Bowaanopow, trusted Reagan Studios to craft the music video for his latest smash hit, "The Prayer" currently climbing the charts in Ghana and around the world.

Filmed and edited by Reagan Studios.